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Friday, December 3, 2010

Traditions and trying to balance national debt...

...maybe we should stop doing some things just because that's the way they've been done for the last 100 years.  There's a time for traditions, and there's a time to be practical.   When you're going broke ... that's the time to be practical!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Got sticky Christmas tree sap hands?

   OK dads out there!  Here's your excuse to buy a great big bottle of your favorite whiskey on the way home with this year's Christmas tree:

   Here's the deal.  You have to trim the base of the tree when you get it home so it will absorb water better.  Then, you will probably have to trim some of the lower branches to get the tree to fit in the stand correctly.  Then, you have to turn the tree and adjust it based on everyone's opinion of which way it looks the best.   Now, hopefully you weren't wearing gloves for all that, and your hands are covered in Christmas tree sap.   That stuff just doesn't wash off with soap, and this is why you need that big bottle of Jim Beam.

  I'm sure any good spirits will do, so pick your favorite of course.   Just pour a little of that stuff in the cup of your sappy hand and rub it all around.   It will take the sap right off and leave your hands smelling like you're ready to single "handedly" kick off the holiday spirit.