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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Last Days of Fall in the Garden

Fall signals its last days with blankets of leaves on the water
Row row row your boat, gently down the stream ... merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.   Life is like a dream, and it is much less scary if one can perceive the whole situation from outside their little canoe.   My head seems like a little canoe.   I'm on the river and I can't see around the next bend.  I can sometimes hear the rapids coming but I never know if these are the ones that are going to do me in or not.  One glimpse from outside the dream is all I needed to be comforted about the river, the scary bends, and this dream I am living.   No matter what happens, everything is going to be OK.  I have full permission to relax and enjoy the ride because that's the best way to go down the river.

Life was meant to be enjoyed, but sometimes I ride down the rapids like a child who is terrified on a roller coaster.   Yet, all I have to do to enjoy life is relax and have fun.  There is no reason to be afraid of anything because we all have the ability to see the river from outside the boat anytime we want.  It's as simple as letting go of the perspective from inside the boat for a little while.  Well, that is harder for some than others.  Seeing that there is more to existence than this dream we call life is worth the effort for all to be comforted.  

One puffy north wind will soon unveil the Christmas decorations
There is no real effort required other than to let go of the thoughts that normally occupy our attention.   Those thoughts are the only perspective of awareness that make the dream of life seem real.  Those logical thoughts make us afraid of living because they make us think that the end of the ride is the end.  There is no end.   No one needs to believe that.  One only must relax for a bit and let go of all thoughts altogether for a few minutes.   This task is quite difficult for some, but it is doable.   When the human brain is finally "really" silent, one's normal sense of awareness will begin to comprehend that its reference point has always been from inside the canoe.   Only when the mind is quiet, one can experience for themselves that their normal perspective is but a small component of their whole self.   I wish for everyone to invest the time and effort it takes to learn to perceive one's human experience from the perspective of their whole being.   

It doesn't matter if someone is an atheist and they want to label what they will find as "multiple personalities".  Nor does it matter if someone is a religious person and chooses to label what they will find as their soul.   Everyone will find a great reward and comfort in their life if they take the time to get to know the whole of their own being.  The gardens are beautiful and not much effort to tend what one will enjoy most.