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Friday, September 27, 2013

It does matter if your state will recognize gold and silver as legal money!

We live in a world where our central government does immensely more than it is authorized to do.  Lawyers are creative rascals though, and masters at using natural human behavior to manipulate people to get what they want.  The tool that they use best is money!   Politicians know that all they need to do to gain more control is this:  make up really good excuses to raise taxes and then give the money back.  Giving the money back in the form of popular programs that appeal to people's sense of fairness makes it constantly easier to make up more excuses to raise more taxes.

In some cases, this was a good deal for people too because the government could operate with an economy of scale and produce many results for lower costs than any other organization.  We got good things like cheap electricity from the Hoover Dam and Social Security for our elderly.  When the government made good decisions, the whole country shared the success and we were acquiescent when they came asking for higher and higher percentages of our money.  

Slowly, the rule makers in Washington D.C. figured out that they could easily attach requirements to the money as they gave it back.  This tactic worked on both individuals and smaller autonomous units of government like states, counties, and cities.  An example is the wide spread adoption of zoning laws and building codes.  Cities are required to adopt certain standards in order to get grant money for expansion projects.  People easily forget that if their own money wasn't taken away in taxes, they would be able to afford their own expansion projects locally.  They wouldn't need the grant money or the "cookie-cutter" rules that come with the money; rules which may or may not be beneficial for local circumstances.

The bottom line also comes down to the fact that the feds are taking more than they are giving now.  What started out as a great deal, with everyone sharing in the benefit, has become pitted with corruption, waste, and bad decisions.  In some cases the power shift that has occurred has led to outright abuse of some citizens.  It is in our best long term interest to subject the power brokers to competition for that power.  Even if we can't take the power away, we can force them to give us a better deal.  We can force them to clean up some of the corruption, and we can hold them more accountable for bad decisions.  We can use money as a tool to control them just as easily as they use it as a tool to control us!

What does all this have to do with gold or silver?

US dollars are owned and controlled from the federal power structure.  The more dollars are used and the more people depend on them, then the more effective the "strings" --attached to the dollars-- are at controlling us.  We have given away our autonomy in exchange for our own money to be given back.  Tax reform, federal government reform, and fiscal policy reform would all be the best way to deal with the problems we endure, but how often do oppressors suddenly have a virtuous change of heart?  Another strategy to take our power back is to simply stop using US dollars.  We set ourselves free from the "strings" when we no longer want what the strings are attached too.  

The only federally legal replacement for US dollars is gold and silver.  It is yet another last resort tool that our founding fathers gave us to use to escape oppression.   So, please, I implore you, use gold and silver as a tool to reduce your need for USD and all those strings.  Support movements in your state to recognize gold and silver as money.  Save silver coins under the oak tree rather than imaginary dollars in a bank account.  If you control a business, accept payment in silver or gold.  For the states that already accept silver and gold as money, pay your taxes in that.  Starve the beast!  US dollars can go worthless overnight, so this is in your personal best interest anyway.

Lastly, there is another form of money that is currently legal to use.  It is the "gold" of the internet: Bitcoin.  Google Bitcoin, learn about trading it here, starve the beast, and benefit yourself and your family in the process!

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Rise and Fall of Crappers

Sometimes you just need a quiet moment to relax and unwind; and that's kinda hard to get when the office crapper has more foot traffic than 6th street on a Saturday night.  For the lucky ones of us "Office Space" types, there are often other options.  In my office space world, the place to go when you "have to go" was the 4th floor john on the opposite side of the building.  It was just outside some lawyer office, and those guys had the good shit when it comes to shitters.  I may not swim with sharks, but it was kinda nice shitting with those snakes.

It was always a little bit of a walk, but they had freakin' Bed Bath & Beyond hand soaps in there.  The fixtures and tile were all new, and if you went in right at 2, you could often be the first to soil the soily.  It was the place to be, like an awesome plush bar that not everyone knew about yet.

Time happens though.  When you got a good thing goin' people find out about it.  People come far and wide, and people make "the place to be" turn into the place to be cliché.  In some cases they make it worse, as in the place to be stanked upon.  If you have discerning tastes when it comes to bathroom accommodations, you must always be on the hunt.  A good john is hard to find, and a good john is even harder to keep.

You can never rule anyplace out though.  Just remember, like any dive bar, a crapper is only one renovation away from a grand opening with new upscale clientele.  Fortunately, as the 4th floor bastion of waste descended into the sewer, the 3rd floor pooper room got a new look.  What once invoked thoughts of fear and, "I'm not gonna sit down here!" is now the newest, un-smelliest, most lightly traveled place to park your poop hole in the whole office building complex.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The First All Night Dance Party

There's nothing like a weekend long music festival to help you reconnect with your ancient roots, especially when your tent gets flooded by rain on the first night ... and after 12 hours of  psychedelic music, even I began to see visions of times past.

I saw nomadic tribes of humans; I saw the first tribe large enough to have elders with saving wisdom, musicians, children, and mothers.   I could see the evening starting with the elders sitting around the camp fire.  You see, they know before anyone else that a rain storm is coming.  They know that the children will soon be frightened by a distant thunder, and they  know to build the main fire up extra warm this night.

Having pitched a tent myself the night before, making new friends, sharing food and drink, I easily imagined the routine of all the families.  Many of them, like me, were unprepared for a change in the weather.  Still, what a wonderful way to spend the evening, laughing with new friends, high in the mountains.  Even off at their own little camp sites, everyone can hear the steady beat from the drums at the main fire.

As word of the approaching storm makes its way around camp, some know to take a nap while the napping is good.  Others head up to the main fire for stories, chants, drums, and dance.  The night is still normal save for the fire is warmer, the winds stronger, and the drums louder.  At Pangea Pt. 6 "The New Age of Atlantis," I was one of the nappers ... that is until the rains came through my tent.   When the beds get wet, and all the little fires go out, that is when the whole tribe joins the dance party!

It's warm there around all the other people.  Everyone joins in, young and old; well, everyone with wet beds joins in the dance.   The dancing keeps us feeling alive and the trance like state from the drums makes us feel oddly rested when the morning light comes.  New friendships become stronger and the fear of cold and hunger fade away.  

It was funny watching certain members of my new tribe and how instinctively they acted at dawn.  I can only imagine that throughout time there were always a few who dropped everything at dawn to tidy the main camp.   Others, less inspired like me, joined in simply because of the good example that was being set.  And so a new day begins with a new set of toils and dangers.  Those of us who danced all night are better prepared to face it than those who grew sick in their cold wet beds.

If the sun comes up, we dry our tents and sleep, but if the rains stay; we do it all again.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to tell if giving someone money is the right thing to do

Suppose your child, or friend, or a stranger on the street asks you for some money.  What do you do?  What do you ask yourself?  How do you justify either giving them money, or denying their request?

Some of the questions that swirl through my head are: "Why did they let themselves get into this position?", or "Why does this person always need help?".  I'm fixated on the person and their need and how if they took better care of themselves, then they wouldn't be bothering me right now.

I find myself giving the bum a $1 because I think he needs it, and I give it grudgingly because I think he shouldn't need it.  Surely this is a warped way to view an experience of giving and receiving.

So, I've decided that there is a better way to think in this situation.  I will change my focus from the requester's need, to the requester's ambition.  If the beggar has any ambition, I simply ask myself: "is the ambition good, and will this gift help enable that ambition?"

Of course, there are those folks who just don't seem to have any ambition at all.  Perhaps the question for that is, "Which action will stir up the most ambition in this person, giving money, or withholding it?"