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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who needs cabinets...

Whew. A weeks worth of dirty dishes, piled up in the kitchen sink, fit perfectly into the dishwasher. I was so proud. Then I had to laugh when I remembered how I never put the clean ones away. I just grabbed 'em out of the dishwasher, used 'em, and put 'em in the sink until the sink was full and the dishwasher was empty. Now that's efficiency!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do people spoil as easily as me?

I never thought of myself as "easily spoiled" before. But, I'm soooo spoiled at my current job.

The other day I was "in a tither" ... "had my underwear in a bunch" ... "all worked up" ... "p1$$3d 044" ... "you name it" ... because my allergies were bad and the supply room was out of tissues. How terrible, I had to use those itchy hand paper towel sheets from one of the bathrooms! What a crumby place to work!

Then I remembered how, at ever other job, people would come to my desk because I was the only one who had tissues. No other company supplied them, but I always bought a box for myself. I almost forgot that I'm perfectly capable of going to the grocery and buying my own box of tissues. Oh well, life goes on.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Slopes are open in Jarrell, Texas

I got some funny looks as I walked to the nearest hill with a snowboard under my arm.  Of course, I thought the few drivers on the road were crazy too.  How dare they pack all my fresh snow in their tire tracks!  Well, as it turned out, the packed snow was better for snowboarding anyway.  I could actually get all the way down the hill as long as I stayed in the middle of the road.