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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Good Feeling Cold

  James is wishing for wizardry with words to better describe his experience this morning.  As he drifted off from his normally meaningless musing of the morning, he took a moment to contemplate:  "I actually like the cold.  I just like to be busy in the cold.  Don't ask me to sit still in a room that is at 68 degrees fahrenheit; that is like the dead of a hungry winter to me!  Why it could be 25 degrees outside and then it is a 'Good Feeling Cold'".   
And then he drifted off into a little trance.  He experienced what he meant by a good feeling cold.   He felt what it was like when last he experienced 25 degrees, riding up the ski-lift for the first snowboard run of the day.   That's a good feeling cold when you are so excited that you don't even feel it.   You unbutton your jacket in the wind to experience all that good feeling cold swash around your body, and your soul soaks it up and enjoys that cold air just as eagerly as it does the sun on the first day of spring.