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Monday, June 27, 2011

Be A Rebel

I'm such a rebel, with my 'non-tinted' windows. I swear, the govt. is way too involved in our lives. Building codes say I have to put tinted windows in my house to make it more energy efficient. Well, screw you Mr. Sam, I happen to like to see out my windows. Besides, I have shade trees, and the only windows that even get direct sunlight are the ones that face south. You know, the ones that let more light in when the sun drops to the south in the winter ... when it's cold, and people want some extra heat from the sun.

Damn govt. regulations, won't somebody save us from idiocy ... oh yeah, Ron Paul. Please win!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ron Paul 2012 - Free Magnetic Bumper Stickers

I'm giving away free magnetic bumper stickers.  If you want one, please email me: jdat747 [at] yahoo [dot] com    All I need is your mailing address.  

If I do get a large response to this offer, I will put a donate button on this blog page, but I won't harass you via email.  Each bumper sticker costs $2.44 but I'm happy to give away as many as I can afford to.

The magnetic bumper stickers are great because you can remove them when you wash your car, or when you go to a party with a bunch of Bush or Obama fans, or later when the election cycle is over.   That's a pet peeve of mine; trashy, worn out, out of date bumper stickers.  The magnetic ones are also easy to adjust and get straight.

What I'm getting at here - if you really believe in balancing our budget and bringing our troops home - you got no excuse for failing to help spread the vision.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ever get a wild hair in the kitchen?

Have you ever just happened to have some ingredient just sitting on the counter when you were cooking supper?  And did you ever find the urge to throw some of it in the pot overwhelming ... lol, only to cringe with regret the moment after it was too late to do anything about it?

Well, I did.  It was black eyed peas.  I seasoned them up the way I usually do with plain ol' salt and pepper.  But, I just happened to have a jar of honey sitting on the counter!  "I wonder how a scoop of honey might go with some peas," I thought.   So, I put about half a teaspoon in there with my cup of peas.   Then I thought, "honey and pepper doesn't sound like such a good combination.  Grrrrr, what'd I do that for."

Too late for regrets so I just made sure to stir that honey in so it wouldn't scorch to the bottom of the pan while the peas boiled.  It smelled good, and usually that's a good sign.  If kitchen experiments smell funky, they probably taste funky too.  Of course, there's no guarantee that the lack of funk smell equals a gourmet delight.

Actually, my peas turned out pretty good, as far as peas go.  Certainly they were good enough that if you need some extra incentive to eat more vegetables, you should try it.  A small amount of honey adds a hint of new flavor, a slight exotic kind of sweet.