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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Texas Millionaire Supports Rick Perry for President

I picked up the local newspaper for my town the other day, and the front page story was about a local businessman.  The article was about his efforts to promote Rick Perry for president.  The paper had a nice picture of him next to the "Support Rick Perry for President" bumper stickers he was putting on all of his company trucks.

Because of that evil FaceBook phenomenon, any time I see the name "Rick Perry" these days, the first thing I have to do is shake this image out of my head:

But in all seriousness, I agree with the guy for trying to help get Governor Perry on up to the White House.  Governor Perry would be a heap better than the other guy with the pretty hair ... that New England-er Romney.

There is another GOP presidential hopeful from Texas though.  His initials happen to be R.P. also, but his ideas are quite different.   Anyway, just in case their are a few folks out there who aren't multi-bazillionaires, perhaps you want to check out what the other R.P. stands for.

If you've ever been annoyed that you can't buy a candy bar for a nickel anymore, the other R.P. from Texas is the guy that can explain why.  He's also the only one to stand up and say that you have a right to keep what you earn.   That's a handy concept for those of us who are a little lower on the totem pole.

Liberty is good and freedom works!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Why it is always good to try something new

I had more fun shopping at the grocery store today than at any other time in recent memory.   Happiness really is contagious!  It started in the produce section with a pair of young adult women.  They were working together to fill up their cart with healthy vegetables.   Their enthusiasm was subtle, but there was a definite glow of joy and excitement on their faces.   I noticed because grocery shopping is just one of those normally mundane sort of chores that I just have to do.   So, their slightly giddy behavior did seem a little out of place.

Imagine my surprise before I got to the cheese section:  there went another happy pair of young ladies doing their grocery shopping.   You'd think they were on an episode of "The Amazing Race" or something.  Well, more subtle than that, but they were chipper enough to make me ask myself, "OK, what gives with the happy chics in the store today?"

I got to the checkout, and two dudes put their cart in line behind me.  I'm not surprised to see a look of shear joy plastered on their faces at this point.  Heck, I was feeling pretty good myself by this time.   Finally, I figured out what was going on.   So, if anyone has it figured out, leave a comment.   I'll tell you if you get it right.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The "wood" police got hard for Gibson Guitars

Just in case you live under a rock and somehow found this blog entry before you read any other news in world, here is a run down of what happened:

Gibson, a guitar manufacturer based in Tennessee, was suspected of breaking a law.   It is speculated that the law in question had something to do with wood that was imported from India.  The government has not released a specific violation at this time.

Federal agents raided the the manufacturing plant like it was a Branch Davidian compound, brandishing full swat gear and weapons.   They shut the plant down, sent the workers home, and confiscated all items they deemed necessary for their investigation.  

The owner of the company claims that he was not given any warning on violation of law or given the chance to correct any issues related to complex import laws.  See this long video if you like:

Of course we understand the need for the government to use deadly force against crazy militia types.  Eventually, those Branch Davidians would have screwed up the whole country.  Police raids on citizens in their homes is needed as well to protect us from illegal drugs.  We accept this as necessary even if the police bust into someone's home, shoot them 70 times in front of their wife and child, lie that the homeowner shot first, and then say it was justified because of evidence which cannot be disclosed:

So, why should we be surprised that the government will now raid reputable businesses?   I'm sure the people they sent home can apply for mortgage assistance so they don't lose their homes while they try to find another job making guitars.  And, if at some point in a future raid, something pops in the production line, and the police think they are being fired on ... well, I suppose the greater good of the law is justified.  

After all, it is completely unreasonable to expect the government to explain a 10,000 page law to a company, give them a chance to comply, and fine them if they continue to circumvent the law.  Imagine how expensive that would be for the government to explain all those laws.   It's saving us billions in tax dollars for the government to rule by fear, and get other businesses to comply by showing how ruthless a raid can be to their bottom line.   I'm sure this is the type of freedom our founding fathers envisioned when they formed this country.

Somebody's dream for the world is alive, but not mine.   Please support political candidates like Ron Paul who will be on your side.  Few of the people in power today care about you or your plight to make a way in this world.  You are a servant to them at best, and a nuisance at worst.  It's time to stand up.  A vote for the status quo is a vote for tyranny.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Great News!!! Wages in China are on the rise.

With all the wage increases going on in China, multinational corporations are now looking to move their manufacturing facilities to virgin areas of human population.  Some are looking to move to the interior of China while others consider Africa and other Asian countries.  Keep on moving; that's what they have to do to find people who will work on the cheap.

It's pretty rough how people in China get a raise though.  When enough overworked employees commit suicide because they can't afford to live, the government takes notice and forces wage increases.   So, I figure we only have to wait 30 or 40 more years for manufacturing to reach every corner of the earth and come 'round to America again.  Then maybe we'll have the opportunity to commit suicide so our friends can get a raise.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Vote Your Heart

Have you ever thought, "I really like what Joe Notachance stands for.  I think it would be great if he could win, but I don't want to waste my vote on a candidate that doesn't have much of a chance."  

Here's a little list of reasons to go for it, and vote your heart anyway:

10. The more votes Joe gets,  the more the guy with the pretty hair has to pay attention to what Joe said.

9.  Your vote might not tip the election, but it might tip Joe's confidence enough to run again in the next cycle.  Times may change, and Joe might have a better last name by then ... like Joe Slimtonone for example.

8.  Joe is usually a regular kind of guy, and he probably lives in a neighborhood like yours.  Just think how cool you'd be if you could say, "I almost backed over Joe, the presidential candidate, while he was out riding his bike yesterday!"

7.  Heck, Joe might even answer you personally if you sent him an email with your ideas on how to make the world a better place.

6.  Your support might encourage Joe's son, Jand Possiblecontender, to carry the torch for ol' dad.

5.  You never know when everyone else is going to say, "What the heck, let's do it."  Then you'd already be on Joe's bandwagon when everyone else is ready to get on.

4.  It feels good to join a rebel cause that was started by a regular Joe.

3.  There are so many good ways to waste a vote these days, why not waste it on a Joe you actually like?

2.  A vote for Joe might make the Uncle Sam's in there now think twice about voting in another raise for themselves. 

1. When that big bucket of poo in the sky hits those rotating blades of everyone's favorite cooling device, and "shhhtuff" flies everywhere, you can say: "Told ya so, I voted for Joe!"