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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top 10 reasons to support an "unqualified" candidate.

10.  They don't have enough campaign funds to buy tons of annoying TV ads and litter the streets with signs.

9.   They wouldn't know how to find trouble that doesn't exist or start a new and expensive government agency to address the issue.

8.   After hearing one of them answer a simple yes or no question, you will be amazed that the answer didn't go on for 15 minutes.

7.   They wouldn't be capable of writing rules that we have to follow in undecipherable legallese script.

6.   Because of their lack of confidence, they might actually read proposed legislation word for word before signing it into law.

5.   They still remember what it is like to be just a regular American, for a few minutes anyway.

4.   They might actually blink before looking in your eyes and lying to your face.  Hell, we might luck out and get an honest one every once in a while.

3.   They don't owe as many favors to super-rich campaign contributors.

2.   They are just as annoyed with the buzzword of the day as you are.

1.   They might simplify taxes and regulations enough for jobs to actually stay in America.

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