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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ron Paul 2012 - Free Magnetic Bumper Stickers

I'm giving away free magnetic bumper stickers.  If you want one, please email me: jdat747 [at] yahoo [dot] com    All I need is your mailing address.  

If I do get a large response to this offer, I will put a donate button on this blog page, but I won't harass you via email.  Each bumper sticker costs $2.44 but I'm happy to give away as many as I can afford to.

The magnetic bumper stickers are great because you can remove them when you wash your car, or when you go to a party with a bunch of Bush or Obama fans, or later when the election cycle is over.   That's a pet peeve of mine; trashy, worn out, out of date bumper stickers.  The magnetic ones are also easy to adjust and get straight.

What I'm getting at here - if you really believe in balancing our budget and bringing our troops home - you got no excuse for failing to help spread the vision.


  1. Do you have white ones instead of blue?

  2. Sorry, Anonymous, I don't have any of the white ones, but when I reorder I'll try to get some.