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Friday, November 9, 2012

Elections are over and my choices didn't win.

Post vote challenge:

Are you disgruntled that your vote didn't count for as much as you wanted it too?  Are you worried that the election is over and the country is still doomed for more decline?  

Here's an easy way to make a difference.  

It will take even less effort than driving to the polling station and waiting in line for 30 minutes to cast your vote.  

Do you really care enough to make our country better for the average tax paying citizens?  Here's what you can do:

1. Go to www.congress.org

2. Select the option to write to your representatives, remembering that they are supposed to represent you whether you voted for them or not.

3. Drop them a quick note to let them know that you are watching them, even if it is a bluff.   Here's what I sent to my reps:

Dear Representative,

I ask simply for your support when writing and passing laws.  I encourage you to always put the interests of individual Americans ahead of the interests of those who petition you constantly via lobbyists.  We the people have been neglected for a while now and the whole country is suffering for it.  Please empower us to succeed and we will help the whole country succeed.  

As requests are made by lobbyists, please take the time to consider the real impact those requests will have on individual Americans.  Will the policy in your consideration help one group at the expense of another, or at the expense of individuals?  The lobbyists will always make it seem fair, but I'm asking you to see through their persuasions.

We need a break, and I'm counting on you to give it to us.  What is best for the MPAA, GM, Exxon, Boeing, and Goldman Sachs, is NOT best for the country.  The last few years have proven that.  Please represent the people for a while at least.   

I voted, I care, and I'm watching how you represent me.


4.  Fill out your name and address and the website will send your letter to your correct representatives.

This will have more impact for the good of the county than your vote did, and it will take you less time than it did to drive down to the voting station and wait in line.

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