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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guerilla art in Austin, TX

What's cooler than to discover something that only a few people know about?  Maybe it's just me, always looking for a little treasure, but it totally perks me up when I find one.  No one knows who a guerilla artist is, or why they choose to place their work in a quite out of the way kind of place.  But then who cares, it's art.

First stop on this tour of non-sanctioned urban art is a very sad angel.  She is carved into a limestone rock that was placed with others to prevent cars from driving down a road that leads to an abandoned home site.  More often than not, she is mostly covered with sand that washes down from the hill every time it rains.   I had to dig her out a little just to get the picture.  Wow, and is she ever sad.  It would be totally cool to find the artist and ask why she is so distraught, but maybe it is better for each of us to have our own meaning.

One thing that I'm really curious about now is how it came to be that another artist has left behind a work in the same area.  Which begs the question, do I have even more little treasures to look forward too?  Anyway, just a few hundred feet along this forbidden road lies a more recent work.  Only a small painting on a concrete bridge, but I like it.   I call it: "dudes in trees"  Hopefully the artist doesn't take offense if he or she should ever read this blog.

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  1. If you have some examples of guerilla art where you live, please email me pics. I'd love to add some more examples to this article.