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Monday, May 16, 2011

Top 10 reader comments on the Strauss-Kahn sex scandal:

10. It was Clinton's fault

9. $3000.00 per night suites come with hot and cold running maids.

8. I doubt he flagged a yellow cab and schlepped out to the airport with Achmed like the rest of us

7. Sounds like its time to bring in Kobe Bryant's lawyer

6. The proof is in the pudding

5. The report will prove fellatious even if she comes up with a blue dress and a cigar

4. Because of his age, Strauss-Kahn lawyers seek reduced charges of Assult With a Dead Weapon.

3. Ah...The ole' lunch with a daughter alibi.

2. Ouch... he should have borrowed Elliot Spitzer's little black book

1. He was in the United States and heard that Congress allows bankers to screw everyone here!

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