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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mitchem Deodorant, Right Lanes, and Ned Fleming

...and yes, that's Right Lanes, not Right Guard.  I'll admit, a bit of a random title for today's post, but it's a fitting title for a similarly random hodge podge of thoughts.

I saw a brand new commercial for Mitchem today.  It was so strange because I haven't seen anything about that product for 30 years ... lol, "Mitchem, so effective you can even skip a day!"  And the funniest thing is that their 48 hour protection from "un-nosely" experiences is still their claim to fame.

Ok, a bit of a rant, but the right lane on the interstate is practically worthless these days.  Somebody should just paint chevrons there, and parking spaces on the shoulder for people to pull into while they get their tickets.  What the heck, we may as well erect kiosks in the grass with credit card swipers so folks can pay up in real time.  If the government needs more revenue, maybe they could charge parking fees along the interstate while the police search our cars.

I'm getting old and I often forget people's names among other things.  Oddly, Ned Flemings' name popped into my head today.  He was just some guy I used to work with about 12 years ago, but I remember that he was oddly enthusiastic about freakin' everything.  One thing he said that I thought was funny though:  "You're not really a parent until you have two kids ... no wait, three kids ... when they've got you outnumbered, that's when you have to be real parents."

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