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Friday, August 5, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Vote Your Heart

Have you ever thought, "I really like what Joe Notachance stands for.  I think it would be great if he could win, but I don't want to waste my vote on a candidate that doesn't have much of a chance."  

Here's a little list of reasons to go for it, and vote your heart anyway:

10. The more votes Joe gets,  the more the guy with the pretty hair has to pay attention to what Joe said.

9.  Your vote might not tip the election, but it might tip Joe's confidence enough to run again in the next cycle.  Times may change, and Joe might have a better last name by then ... like Joe Slimtonone for example.

8.  Joe is usually a regular kind of guy, and he probably lives in a neighborhood like yours.  Just think how cool you'd be if you could say, "I almost backed over Joe, the presidential candidate, while he was out riding his bike yesterday!"

7.  Heck, Joe might even answer you personally if you sent him an email with your ideas on how to make the world a better place.

6.  Your support might encourage Joe's son, Jand Possiblecontender, to carry the torch for ol' dad.

5.  You never know when everyone else is going to say, "What the heck, let's do it."  Then you'd already be on Joe's bandwagon when everyone else is ready to get on.

4.  It feels good to join a rebel cause that was started by a regular Joe.

3.  There are so many good ways to waste a vote these days, why not waste it on a Joe you actually like?

2.  A vote for Joe might make the Uncle Sam's in there now think twice about voting in another raise for themselves. 

1. When that big bucket of poo in the sky hits those rotating blades of everyone's favorite cooling device, and "shhhtuff" flies everywhere, you can say: "Told ya so, I voted for Joe!"

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