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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Texas Millionaire Supports Rick Perry for President

I picked up the local newspaper for my town the other day, and the front page story was about a local businessman.  The article was about his efforts to promote Rick Perry for president.  The paper had a nice picture of him next to the "Support Rick Perry for President" bumper stickers he was putting on all of his company trucks.

Because of that evil FaceBook phenomenon, any time I see the name "Rick Perry" these days, the first thing I have to do is shake this image out of my head:

But in all seriousness, I agree with the guy for trying to help get Governor Perry on up to the White House.  Governor Perry would be a heap better than the other guy with the pretty hair ... that New England-er Romney.

There is another GOP presidential hopeful from Texas though.  His initials happen to be R.P. also, but his ideas are quite different.   Anyway, just in case their are a few folks out there who aren't multi-bazillionaires, perhaps you want to check out what the other R.P. stands for.

If you've ever been annoyed that you can't buy a candy bar for a nickel anymore, the other R.P. from Texas is the guy that can explain why.  He's also the only one to stand up and say that you have a right to keep what you earn.   That's a handy concept for those of us who are a little lower on the totem pole.

Liberty is good and freedom works!

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